Some selected, non-academic things I’ve said or written can be found below:

A panel conversation on Middle East regional issues with FPRI colleagues at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, December 2015.

Talking Jordan domestic politics, regional issues, and security on “Geopolitics with Granieri” at FPRI, September 2014. Audio here.

Jordan: Between Stability and Spillover. Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) E-Notes, August 2014

Elections in Jordan: Victory for Reform or More of the Same? FPRI E-Notes: Middle East Media Monitor, February 2013

Old Problems in Jordan’s New Era. The New Middle East, February 2013

Reform Not Revolution: Arab Spring in Jordan. Fair Observer, February 2013

Syrian Opposition: Myths and Realities. FPRI E-Notes: Middle East Media Monitor, January 2012

Change without Revolution: Jordan’s Missed Opportunity? The New Middle East, April 2011

Simulating the Iraqi Parliament: Benefits of a Non-Traditional Approach to Teaching Iraqi Political Development. Newsletter of the American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TAARII), 4(2), Fall 2009