Windows to Refuge: Camp Life through the Eyes of Palestinian Youth in Lebanon

From fellow Fulbrighter Anny Gaul. A literal view from within…

“These photographs were taken in July 2012 by Palestinian youth living in four out of the twelve refugee camps in Lebanon. The photographers, students aged eleven to fifteen, were participants in an intensive summer project called SHINE coordinated by bothLEAP, an educational empowerment program dedicated to nurturing the intellectual growth and creative curiosity of Palestinian refugee youth in Lebanon, and Beit Atfal Assumoud, a Palestinian NGO in Lebanon that provides a wide range of services.  Students in the photography club were asked to brainstorm why photography is important, and what they would want an international audience to learn and see about their lives in the camps. Working together, the students chose their subjects, took photos, debated which ones they liked best, and wrote captions and titles for their images.

The photographs shown here represent a selection from the resulting exhibit at the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival. Curated by Sara El Choufi and Nehad Khader, the exhibit offered a glimpse into the daily lives of the youth not by showcasing images of them, but rather by displaying images that the students themselves captured and wanted to display to a broader audience.”

Windows to Refuge: Camp Life through the Eyes of Palestinian Youth in Lebanon.

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