On Poultry

I was walking home the other day, which takes me just next to the Ministry of Agriculture, and I noticed a small crowd of men (maybe 100+?) in white hats and a few signs/banners out front.  One man had a bullhorn and was giving an impassioned speech.

Apparently inside the Ministry, a meeting was taking place between the Agriculture Minister and poultry breeders over issues including gas cylinders, chicken imports, and regulations on the distribution of chicken feed.  Here’s a story on it from the English language Jordan Times.

This was the first time I stumbled upon a demonstration not knowing in advance it was taking place, so I thought it was interesting.  The picture is from a distance as I was crossing over a foot bridge. Normally I just run across the street — it’s kind of like playing real life Frogger on this busy street (what everyone refers to as University Street because the University of Jordan is just up the road).

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