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Doctoral candidate in political science at Rutgers University.
Fulbright & Boren Fellow.
Teacher. Writer. Lifelong Learner.
Always improving Arabic speaker.
St. Louis Cardinals fan.

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Fulbright Program facing major cut

Again with the cuts to worthwhile educational and research programs… Taken from the write-up at The Monkey Cage by Jarrod Hayes: The Obama administration’s FY15 budget request to Congress includes a 13.5 …

Happy Jordan

Pharrell Williams’s song ‘Happy’ is worth a listen any time. It’s even better when it comes with Jordan in the backdrop. Well done BeAmman people. Happy.

Democracy Man | Foreign Affairs

There’s a nice and concise tribute to Robert Dahl in Foreign Affairs (Democracy Man). Particularly in light of Nick Kristof’s piece about the relevance of academics, this brief look back …

GDELT suspended, then not…

Update (2/24/2014): It appears that the historical backfiles are once again available at the new gdelt project site. I haven’t had a chance to compare the files to the old …