A bit on Jordan’s politics…

Some people have asked me about the current political situation in Jordan, so I decided to post a few links here for those interested.  Of course, there’s A LOT to read and learn about the country’s current political climate and these few suggestions are just a very small part of that. 

First, Marc Lynch recently posted on Foreign Policy a brief primer with links of his own and an interview with Curtis Ryan, a professor at Appalachian State University who was kind of enough to give me much of his time at the POMEPS reception at last year’s MESA conference in D.C. to talk about my dissertation.

Second, check out the assessment by Sean Yom on the FPRI website.  He also co-wrote a piece on Foreign Policy that analyzes some very important developments in tribal politics in the Kingdom

Third, Carnegie’s relatively new publication Sada — replacing their previous and well-known ‘Arab Reform Bulletin’ — has a good piece on recent political activism from two local writers.

Fourth, you can always check out domestic news in English from the Jordan Times for rather benign but decent coverage of daily events.


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